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Friday, February 19, 2010

piddling . . .

Last Saturday I took my son to work / participate at the Tae Kwon Do testing. Regardless of whether or not I have a child testing, I always ALWAYS take my camera - if for no other reason than to practice. And I can never get too much practice.

Since my 28-75 lens is acting wonky, I thought I would pretty much just use the 70-300 and see what I could do with it
- even though the lighting in the Do Chang is nothing short of lousy.

I quickly found that the best photos were the "detailed" shots,
however, I was surprisingly pleased when I uploaded my pictures and ended up with some excellent close-ups of students
(which I can not post because they aren't my kids).

The master instructor from my son's school jokingly called me the
camera mom and was interested in seeing some of my pictures
as well as inviting me to go into class with my camera and take pictures
(that he can perhaps ultimately use on the school's web site).
So perhaps I'll get even more practice
and as a side note - drive my son even more nuts!
[a win/win for me!]


  1. Awesome shots! Love the details. And that's so cool that the instructor invited you to take more pictures. Good job!

  2. Good for you! I loved driving my teens nuts--felt it was a bonus of being the mom of a teen. Nice shots if the lighting was as wonky as you said!

  3. Those are great shots, especially considering the conditions!

  4. Freat shots and lol about driving your son nuts.. That's the fun of being a mom you know :)

  5. I can't type today.. I meant "Great" shots not "Freat" lol..