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Thursday, May 14, 2009

12 Weeks / Week 8: On.The.Go / animals

I have so much fun photographing this cat - but I get the impression that the experience for him - not so much!

This is as close to 'out doors' Ike gets.
(unless he makes a run for it when the front door is opened
and even then he gets so overwhelmed that he doesn't venture beyond the shrubs)

... and this is Lucy. One Saturday I was exiting Wally-Mart and there was a nice young man with a pickup bed full of puppies (actually only 3-4 - and only in WV!). He was looking for homes for the litter. Oh man, if I walked in the house with bread, butter, puppy, eggs, milk ...I'm pretty sure my husband would notice. So I did what any self-respecting animal lover would do - I called my neighbor and convinced her to get there now and pick out a puppy for her daughter (in my defense, they had previously mentioned they were in the market). So, Lucy moved in the neighborhood. Best way to have a pet - live next door to it!


  1. cute! I love the pictures of the cat...especially the second one. I really love your story about the puppy too!

  2. Beautiful captures! The lighting in the second one is great!

  3. Funny story on the puppy - I agree that the best dog is the one next door... Black dogs and cats are very hard to photograph, but you got some good detail on him.
    Oh, love the kitties, too!