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Sunday, May 24, 2009

[around town] ● tourist view /take 2 . . .

Remember that trip to Florida where we took in other attractions (oh mighty Disney please forgive us...); well, one of those stops happened to be the Titanic Exhibit. Our son was (and is) consumed/ intrigued/ infatuated with everything Titanic, so this stop was a no-brainier. Each person's ticket assigned them with the name of an actual passenger and through the course of the tour, the guide would tell each of us a little background about who we were and what our fate was. I believe I might have been the only survivor from our family. My husband and son even stepped up to the iceberg (huge chunk of ice) that is maintained at the temperature of what the water would have been that fateful night. Most people only stood there for a few seconds. Sadly I believe this attraction is temporarily closed due to lease disputes which I sincerely hope they can resolve as this is a very family friendly and educational experience.

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