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Friday, May 22, 2009

[around town] ● tourist view . . .

ARE YOU KIDDING! this is no challenge - I live to take pictures while on vacation. Oh sure, everyone moans and groans with my unremitting camera snapping - but they sure do enjoy looking at the photos following the trip.

While it is a well known fact that the 'hillbilly highway' leads directly to Myrtle Beach where everyone, (and I do mean e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.) from WV seems to migrate for summer vacations; we tend to go to Florida. One of our favorite places to stay is the Disney Boardwalk Villas. I just love it when they greet us with "Welcome Home"...yea, my kind of place!

This was taken as we were leaving the park one night. With both of us carrying a tired little one, our daughter exclaimed over her father's shoulder "ohhh, purple" - and so this shot was captured.

Then one year we did the unthinkable and opted not go to the Disney parks but instead visit Sea World and a few other tourist options in Orlando. Fun, but we were ready to get back to the parks next visit.


  1. What fun shots. I love that first one. Great processing on it!

  2. Great captures! I love the texture you used on #2 and the colors on #3 are so brilliant.

  3. I love all the bright colors! We are going to Disney next month and I can't wait to take photos!