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Friday, May 1, 2009

Going to the dogs . . .

Our beautiful dogwood tree has bloomed and the whole front yard looks happier for it. I love this tree along with the mysterious cherry blossom tree on the side of the house. It is funny how attached we become to elements of nature that are generally taken for granted. When contemplating moving several years back, I mourned the loss of my trees. The house, eh!; but loosing the trees made me sad. I am working on taking photos in manual mode (baby steps!).


  1. Gorgeous shots! I love the pink! I know what you mean about the trees... we are moving in a couple of months and I will be sad to leave my magnolia and weeping cherry trees!

  2. I love pink dogwoods! Our last house had a beautiful pink dogwood in front. (Well, the house and the tree are still there - just not us). Yes, I really miss the tree!
    I like the 2nd shot the best because of the reddish bokeh and the two blooms face up.

  3. These are just beautiful, I bet the tree is amazing! :)