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Sunday, May 10, 2009

POTD & 12 Weeks Combo . . .

POTD: Girly (some 'girly' items brought by a little girl to the TKD testing)

12 Weeks/Week 8: ON-THE-GO! [pets] - Beau

12 Weeks / Week 8: ON-THE-GO: [sports]

I am hopeful to learn how to pan a shot this week as well as capture our pets (or neighborhood pets) in motion. The other part of capturing the personality of the pet - I believe I've got that technique down pat with the 100s of photos I have taken of our cats over the years (fat, lazy and loads of attitude).


  1. Great job on the pictures. I love the DOF on your kitty. The TKD shots are great - I know those indoor action shots are tough. I also like that you've posted larger pictures!