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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Characters . . .

This week's POTD is 'faces in strange places' - I'm going to have to go with "strange/different" faces in [different] places because if I even so much as think of taking any more photos at this point I will be voted off the island by my family. That said, here are just a few from our trip to Disney (got some from NYC which I'll post later).

I love taking pictures of characters now that I don't have to stand in line for my children to actually be photographed with them.


  1. I hear you on the standing in line deal. Your pictures fit the theme and I love all of them!

  2. The characters are so colorful, aren't they? Standing in line to see the....not so fun! Great shots.

  3. Well, if you think about it, Disney characters are a bit strange. ;)

    Fun captures!

  4. I agree, standing in line is not fun! I'm so happy my girls are over that. Great shots, I love Disney! :)

  5. Nice character shots! What happens if you ARE voted off the island?????

  6. Angela - I don't know what happens if I'm voted off the island - but I'm pretty sure it would mean no computer access (since I have filled the family computer with thousands and thousands of pictures).