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Friday, July 24, 2009

Local [public art] . . .

These were a bit hard to photograph &/or to piece together. The one under the train-trestle does not give you the option to stand directly on the other side of the street for a straight-on shot...nothing but wall. This was painted by an elderly gentleman who would bring his art supplies in a red wagon and paint a little bit every-so-often. Each time I passed him while painting - I wished I had my camera. The detail to his art is amazing. The ice cream shop art is just one side of the local antique shop - the other side is very amusing as well.

The last couple of shots are from the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk and the idea to piece it together was an after-thought. What really amazed me about this work of art is that it had not been hit with graffiti; especially considering it is the back side of a building - in an alley. Maybe there is some sense of professional courtesy between wall artists.


  1. There sure are alot of interesting things for you to photography. Lots of great color.

  2. I wish we had some fun local public art like that! They're really good to! Great shots!