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Friday, July 17, 2009

POTD: water | blue . . .

I thought I would finish up this week's theme with some water effects from Disney. I'm off tomorrow to do the Scott Kelby Photo Walk - which has me both excited and admittedly a little bit nervous. Maybe there will be other moms who decided one day to make this hobby their passion; maybe there will be semi-pros just wanting to photograph something other than portraits; or maybe there will be pros charged with keeping the 'tricks of the trade' strictly top secret; or who knows! ... What I do know is I will have an excuse to take pictures to my heart's content without "that's enough mom"; and you never know, maybe there will even be some (more) water shots.


  1. these are totally kewl. like art.

  2. I am going on a walk too. It should be fun! And no one will see your pics unless you post them. ;)