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Monday, July 20, 2009

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk ...

I participated in the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk on Saturday morning in Huntington and had a very enjoyable time. The weather was exceptionally nice for July (low-70s, cool breeze, and NO humidity), and the walk was well organized. We split into 2 groups (based on the distance you wanted to cover). I chose the longer distance group and must admit that the leader was very approachable, helpful and just plain out nice (as were all of the participants). The bizarre thing is that I did not end up with any one photo that I could get excited about. I just enjoyed the fantastic weather, the information shared by my group leader (about my camera), and the opportunity to go out and explore what style of photography I seem to gravitate to. (don't think I've found it yet!)

Will I submit any of my photos? - most likely not.
Will I do it again next year? - You bet'cha!


  1. That was some nice weather, we've been under a heatwave lately! Your shots are really pretty, I really like the last shot where you combined four. The blue sky is nice against the architectural details.

  2. Gorgeous weather! I think you should submit. I am not in love with any of my shots, but I am going to submit anyway:)

  3. Great shots! Submit! You never know.

  4. I love your shots. I especially like the last one of the four buildings. I think you should submit!