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Friday, August 14, 2009

FuN ● sTuff . . .

So, I head out the door for my daily walk (finally back into the routine - yea!) and decided I would take along the camera and attempt a summer shot of my header (^^). As I approached the area I found myself faced with a golf scramble/ tournament. Translation = tread lightly and do not disturb the golfers! After waiting for what seemed an eternity, the cart path was finally golfer free and I realized - NO SUN! The sky became over-cast, which is preferable for photos - but not if you are wanting a SUMMER-tastic shot. At any rate, got some pictures and proceeded on my way back towards the house when it occurred to me I was kid free which meant I could swing by one of the houses in the neighborhood that had the coveted sunflowers that I've been wanting to photograph. When I got there I realized I would have to go around onto the brim of the golf course in order to get my photos - again, the wait for golfers to pass by. Finally got my pictures - but I think the capture I enjoyed the most was the unexpected broken down [orange] tractor with a flat tire - phooey with the golfers - I snapped away.


  1. Oh, cool!!!! I love the 1/2 cartoon/ 1/2 real sunflower photo! Wonderful effect! And phooey on those golfers; why aren't they waiting for YOU? I mean why should golf trump photography?

  2. Ohhh I LOVE the firs shot, so so cool!!!

  3. Oh that first shot is so pretty, and I love the play you did with that 2nd one!

  4. Great shots! I like the tractor too.