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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Having Fun . . .

We are - just checking to see if you are!

I'm enjoying every last drop of summer break with the kids and relishing the closeness I have with both of them. Allyson indulges my humor - Ryan on the other hand, still thinks I'm funny (well, for the most part). I think what makes this summer so extra special is that I know it is in limited supply. Allyson will be off to college in the blink of an eye and Ryan will hit that age where it won't be cool to watch movies, or walk, or laugh at his mom's pathetic jokes. Yep - I'm having fun, and enjoying being a kid again.


  1. Cute kitty close up:) He looks like he wants some love!

  2. What a pretty kitty, fun shot! :)

  3. You have such a wonderful attitude, appreciating and savoring the moments! And those are intense eyes, with very nice cropping!