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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Keeps Getting Better . . .

My son actually volunteered [as in VOLUNTEERED on his own without being bribed or guilted into it!] to let me photograph him today. Out of the blue he consented to allow me 30 minutes of his time to practice photographing an actual HUMAN provided he picked the outfit, hair, and location (compromised on location). Wow - it just keeps getting better! Between you and me - he is over due for a trim, but I can't complain because I did agree to let him do what he wanted with his hair this summer - but the bangs have got to go once school starts (or styled such that they are not in his eyes). [I sense a battle brewing in this regard].

oh, and its just not 'COOL' to smile - not Aeropostale or Hollister/ish!


  1. WOnderful shots! I like the hair and you can see a whole eye, combined. ;)

  2. What a great looking boy you have there! I hear ya on the hair, I've got a shaggy boy myself. But the skater look is "IN", so what can ya do? LOL