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Monday, August 3, 2009

POTD: Landscapes . . .

The 'local' deer have little to no fear of humans; infact, we steer clear of them for the most part - especially right now with their young ones,(which, by the way, have the cutiest speckles). In the Fall there is up to 20 deer in their group and hopefully this year I can get a photograph of all of them together. For the time being, I would prefer they stop nibbling on my flowers (so long Day Lilies and Hostas) and laying on my pampas grass.

...and one from last Fall.


  1. I like the lighting in your pics and love it when I see deer around too.

  2. Great shots! When I saw the last one I was wondering why your tree thought it was autumn already...then I read it was from last year! LOL! :)

  3. Lovely sunset, Nicki! I see you are infested with garden rats, too. Grrrrrr.....too bad they're so pretty to look at.

  4. Wow, gorgeous nature shots! I can't believe how brave your deer are that they get so close to you- WOW. That sunset is gorgeous, and the yellow fall leaves are DIVINE! Love them!

  5. Great shots. The lighting is perfect!

  6. And it looks like a regular neighborhood, but the deer come right in? Scarey! I'm afraid of deers (and cars) (together, I mean.)