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Friday, August 21, 2009

Where did the time go? . . .

the lazy mornings when the dew settles on everything

and the spiders sit back and admire their work from the previous night...

With the start of school next week, this summer is just about over
and we again find ourselves wondering where all the time went,
and wishing we had squeezed in a bit more carefree fun.


  1. LUSTING after the spiderweb shot!!! Just wonderful, Nicki--I'm looking forward to those dewy mornings, too. Thanks so much for posting me last night!

  2. That spiderweb shot is so incredible! Wow! I'm wondering where summer went, too!

  3. Nicki - AWESOME spider web shot. I love the cool, dewy mornings too. You are not alone - this summer just flew by for my family.

  4. What a fabulous spiderweb shot, LOVE it!!! :)

  5. Beautiful web, great lighting!