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Monday, September 28, 2009

Evolution . . .

remember these?

well, if I am correct in the line of evolution - they came from these

and eventually changed into these.

I have no clue what they are, only that the deer seem to like them and they blossomed from an apparent weed that I decided to let grow out this year just to see what came of it.

This week's photo of the day challenge is to photograph contrast:
a juxtaposition of dissimilar elements
- in this case: evolution!


  1. Nice series, Nicki! It's fun to see what developed! By the way, is that gorgeous tree (a maple?) in your yard? I lust!!! We don't have the big hardwoods out here, so don't have the wonderful color....just a lot of golds and yellows...and greens. Oh, the drum photo is awesome--such a great POV and DOF on that one! Way to go!

  2. These are great! I love the colors and the processing. Everything looks perfect!

  3. Very nice how you captured the series on this. Great color.

  4. Oh I love this little transisition series, very beautiful.

  5. I really like the glistening red in the top photo! Very appealing, and to think that it goes through those stages! I'm glad you let it grow to see what it is so we'd get this treat.

  6. I just popped across from two peas via your blog link, your photos are absolutely beautiful. I love the Autumn ones especially, we don't do autumn as well in my little part of the world, pretty but nothing like yours.