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Friday, September 4, 2009

Fingers crossed . . .

that we are possum free! This was the last hold out of the possum family that laid seize to our crawl space under the house. We have placed concrete blocks at every opening and now just cross our fingers and hope it keeps them OUT. (since apparently they laugh at wire fencing and nudge under it.) I am not too proud to say that I have become proficient at setting the trap and then hauling the STINKY little vermin elsewhere for release. I am also not too proud to say I am glad that none of my neighbors took pictures as I pulled my wheelbarrow with possum (in cage) to the other side of the golf course to release them down by the river.

[no animals were harmed in the course of this eviction...
but next time I have to go after them under our house -
I'm packing heat -as in the neighbor's air rifle!]

Though you can't see Mary Jo - she is right beside Ike, faces intently glued to the window screen. And I know exactly what Ike is thinking. 1) what the !!!! 2) please tell me she is not adopting that ugly and STINKY thing 3) ha! better you than me sucker - because cage = going to the vet...bawahahaha! (he is still not too far removed from his last vet visit and KNOWS what happens when you are put into the cage/carrier...even though his is completely different. ( know, it might not be such a bad idea of using a humane trap/cage for those difficult domestic animals that are impossible to catch and crate to get to the vet .... but I digress!)


  1. ICK! You are so brave to capture and release them. They would not be welcome guests at my house either!

  2. Gross! My Jack Russell killed a young possum in our yard last year...what a mess!

  3. They are such weird little pests! Hope they're gone for good!

  4. OMG! That is crazy. I'm glad I live in Alaska and don't have to deal with vermins like this. :) I like your cat pic and commentary! LOL.

  5. Your comment about no animals being harmed made me LOL! I hope they are gone now. Great captures.

  6. Your tree photo is absolutely amazing! Breathtaking really. Oooo, I cringe at the pictures of the 'possum. Although your 'possum looks so much better than ours did. That cat's eyes are hilarious!