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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

POTD: people & things . . .

The usual suspects - from the usual walk!

I can't help but think of the Joker in the last Batman movie -
"why so serioussss!".
My son was a willing participant when we embarked on our walk - but the sun in his eyes (trying to figure out the secret to those awesome catchlight pics) and the realization that he was ...wait for it...wait for it...STARVING! made him a little less willing as the walk progressed. Not wanting child services to swoop in on me for being a bad mom that does not feed her children, we cut the walk short and hustled home. (I'm fairly sure my kids know where the kitchen is at the house and are fully capable of getting something to eat when hungry - but perhaps I'm wrong...ha!)

I paused briefly to snap a picture of this home-made birdhouse posted on one of the neighbor's mailbox. I think it is so sweet in its simplicity.


  1. Nicki, I am sure I can see him wasting away before my eyes. He is at that age where he is just a walking stomach with legs, and it lasts for about 10 years...LOL!!! Love that birdhouse. I collect them.

  2. Love that expression! That birdhouse is awesome, too!

  3. I just LOVE his expression! And that birdhouse made me chuckle (the spoon, really - very clever, your neighbors).

  4. Oh that look! I think it was frozen on my face at that age.

  5. That little mailbox is too cute!

    I get plenty of the serious face here long as they even look at me it's a plus!

  6. Love that typical Photographers Kid shot. Starving? Mine are always Starving. How can that be when our cupboards and Fridg are always full.