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Friday, September 11, 2009

Time to Reschedule . . .

Sometimes I have to ask out loud - WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!


just maybe ...

someone scheduled the community concert for the wrong night of the 3 day holiday. When there are more members of the band than people in the audience - it is a pretty safe bet you missed the boat on scheduling. I felt so bad for the members of the Symphonic Band because they put hard work and many hours in preparing for the concert - but the powers that be decided to schedule it for late Monday evening rather than anytime Saturday or Sunday -> -> -> you know, when people are more inclined to go out and partake of festivities because they do not have to getting up early for work or school the next morning!! [by the way - it didn't rain any other day/evening of the weekend!] {photos taken with iPhone!}


  1. Oh no! How sad! At least some people were able to enjoy it. Hopefully next time they'll do better at scheduling!

  2. Oh man thats awful! i hope next time they get better with their schedules

  3. Your comments made me smile but those poor perfomers!

  4. Aww, those poor band members! I feel so bad for them!

  5. Hope someone gets on the ball with the schedule!