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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You've come a long way baby . . .

cell phone cameras that is. I remember saying to my husband - "I don't need any stinky camera on my cell phone; if I want to take a picture, I'll do it with a REAL camera." Just like when I said - "the only thing I need to use my cell phone for is to make calls." Then he gave me an iPhone as a gift and in less than 24 hours, you couldn't pry that thing out of my hands. As the Sprint commercials used to say - gone are the days when we just use a cell phone to make calls. These pictures are from my cell phone and have only been sharpened for the internet and watermarked. While they are not frame worthy, I am impressed at how far cell phone cameras have come.


  1. Wow....those are just gorgeous. Its hard to believe these are from a cell phone though. Holy moly.

  2. Those are seriously amazing! So gorgeous!

  3. WoW, can not believe that is from a phone. Nice shot.

  4. My cell phone is old... no camera in it - guess it's time to change!! ;)

  5. I love my iPhone's camera and if you have the 3Gs, then your camera is even nicer. Great shots!

  6. Very nice! I am still in the last century with an old, old flip phone that only makes calls. I'm not a fan of cell phones. lol