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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Evening stroll . . .

I took a stroll last evening with my son to enjoy the comfortable Fall weather, but to also talk about the death of a fellow student from swine flu. As a parent we are supposed to know the answers, but on this one I am as lost and concerned as my children. As a parent, I can only drill the importance of precaution and be there to console their fears. As a parent, I count my blessings of getting to take walks with my son on such a beautiful evening.


  1. So sad to have to talk about that with your son. That second shot is gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful lighting in these, Nicki--the light coming through the gazebo is wonderful, and that sunset on the pond---mmmmmm! I'm glad you talked with your son about that studen't death. Sometimes there are things that just don't make any sense in our short vision... I hope he is coping ok.

  3. I love the lighting in the gazebo shot. So sad to hear about the student's death. Sometimes we don't understand why these things happen.

  4. Looks like it was a nice evening for a walk with your son. So sorry to hear about you sons classmate.

  5. Beautiful lighting and reflections in these shots! What a great walk!