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Sunday, October 11, 2009

tiny BUBBLES . . .

It felt so good to go outside today - no rain, no freaky 80 degrees - just cool sunny autumn. I played around with some bubbles to see what I could get in terms of reflections - but since they were not stacking bubbles, I mainly got just psychedelic colors and a touch of trees.


  1. I think the processing on #2 is my favorite! Great reflections!

  2. well i just happen to think that these shots are Awesome! now how on earth do you not get your reflection in the bubble?

  3. Love these bubbles, Nicki! The irridescence is wonderful!! Love the coloration--very psychedelic. THey may not be stacking bubbles, but they are totally cool. LOVE LOVE your reflection shot in the prior post; I hope the week is better for all of you. (((hugs)))

  4. These are great! You're getting some awesome shots with your bubbles! And I'm amazed at the clarity of the trees in the 2nd shot.

  5. Fantastic shots! They almost look like those glass watering bulbs you can stick in the plants!

  6. Very cool! I need to start shooting non-humans.