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Friday, November 27, 2009

Did you feel it . . .

did you notice a slight hesitation in the rotation of the earth yesterday, a jolt in your forward progress? I'm pretty sure it happened because for the first time in forever I left the house for a family gathering WITHOUT my camera. En-route I realized I had left it behind and pondered what I was going to do, to which my darling son retorted "talk to people". Being the self-appointed events photographer, that crazy aunt or in-law who is pointing the camera in your direction at every turn, I was camera-free and quickly in serious withdrawal. Fortunately for me, my sister-in-law was sympathetic and let me play with her Canon 50D. Oh my, if I had a clue how to use all the buttons on that wondrous machine I could have had some serious fun. However, realizing my son was right, I put the camera up and spent more time visiting and relaxing and having a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a warm and happy Thanksgiving and a fruitful 'black-Friday' shopping day. And since this is a 'photo diary', here are a couple outtakes from last week's Christmas card efforts. Yea, they're crazy like that!


  1. Love the outtakes. It is tough to be at events without a camera, I try really hard but sometimes I just have to break it out..

  2. It is tough to be without your camera! I love it when people post outtakes, so fun!

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