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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sailors take warning . . .

red skies at night, sailors' delight,
red skies in the morning, sailors take warning . . .

Each morning I stand in the garage and watch for the bus with the kids along with our cat, Ike. Ike is probably one of the only kitties that MUST watch for the bus. Seriously, he is adamant about it and won't settle down until I pick him up and carry him outside to wait with the kids. Truth be told, I think it is less about the flashing lights on the bus than it is about his inquisitive nature - he is especially intrigued by bugs, birds and the girls that come around from the house out back. At any rate, this morning eagle-eye Ike spotted a rather rotund bluebird perched in the evergreen tree beside the driveway. Once the kids were on the bus, I deposited Ike back into the house and grabbed my camera - after all, this bird was rotund! After photographing the bird (not such a big deal once I looked at my pictures), I noticed the gorgeous red skyline on the ridge.
In my mind I immediately recited the sailor verse dad taught me as a child - and while we might need to take warning about rain or something - the silhouette of the trees against the red/blue sky was beautiful.


  1. And hopefully, you will have good weather today! Beautiful sunrise, and wonderful writing about Ike's duties watching for the bus.