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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whew! . . .

No trick-or-treaters here any more ... at least not on trick-or-treat night.
Ryan had a few of his friends over on the actual Halloween
and costumes stayed on for maybe 40 minutes,

[quick shot of early arrivals]

and the mummy game went south ... quickly!

My husband and I took refuge in the family room, but I might as well have stayed in the room with the witches and goblins because every 5-10 minutes - it was "you need to go check on them"; "you need to tell them to keep it down"; "what are they screaming about - you need to check on them . . ."

whew, trick-or-treat is more exhausting as the vampires, witches and goblins get older.


  1. That's so true!!!! Much more exhausting!!! But, I loved the ones of them in their costumes, all of them looked so cute!!

  2. Oh my what a fun group of kiddos, and what a mess they can make i hope they helped you clean the mess