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Sunday, December 27, 2009

barn animals & stuff . . .

My sister got a Nikon D5000 for Christmas so we embarked on a day of playing. First up was an attempt to take pictures of our niece and her horses. For reasons I will attribute to too much turkey and sweets - I could not nail my focus to save my soul. Lighting was one of the key challenges - but I loved getting the opportunity and will return (at a better time during the day) and actually get some good shots. I have to tip my hat to those that routinely photography horses and other non-domestic animals (a/k/a belly stuffed and otherwise immobile) .....not as easy as they make it look!

While at the barn we had to give our regards to the other farm animals. There were several cats - all with the same markings; and if you even thought of bending down for a shot, forget it - they promptly moseyed over for the obligatory back and ear rub.

I am so impressed with how well my niece rides. I really hope to take some pictures that do her justice (got some decent portraits, but those are just for her).

We eventually made it to the Capitol. For a change I shot only with my 70-300 - and quickly realized why I have gravitated more to wide angle lenses. It was fun none-the-less.


  1. I like how you captured the first photo. The perspective and lighting are wonderful; looks very "atmospheric." What is the wide lens that you usually use?

  2. So great, I am loving the little kitty!

  3. Love that first shot! and the Capitol shot too!