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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Keeping it simple . . .

{from the lovely flower arrangement from my mother-in-law}

We get so caught up in hunting for the right gift, decking the house from top to bottom, baking the perfect treats... *utter * holiday * chaos*. This year I have attempted to put a limit on it --well, the baking part at least. I am reminded that the "perfect" Christmas is one of being with loved ones, sitting aside differences and soaking up the laughter and wonderment of our children. In short, just keeping it simple. Wishing all a Merry Christmas - be it simple, be it perfect.


  1. Meery Christmas, you definitely have the right spirit!

  2. Beautiful photo, Nicki! Very welcome amidst all this other kind of white that we're seeing today. You are a wise woman, for having kept it simple, and I hope that you are thoroughly enjoying the day with your family. Thanks for being a "blogging buddy" and adding some sparkle to my life; I've really appreciated your comments and support over the past months! I hope we can continue to "hang-out" in 2010!