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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kitchen bling . . .

Before Thanksgiving my coffee maker quit. No biggie, with Black Friday around the corner I figured I would just find a fantastic deal and replace it. My husband, on the other hand, promptly pointed out the Keurig. It makes single servings. It doesn't waste. It. has. buttons! Apparently coffee makers were not the 'must have' item this Christmas, so there weren't any great deals on the higher end machines and wondrous sales pitch aside, I went for the $10 Hamilton Beach on/off machine, concluding it would serve the purpose.
End of story.

Fast forward to that Sunday evening. Husband flipping channels between ball games and me mostly reading and occasionally glancing up to observe the "make or break" play of the game. Suddenly I was watching the QVC show case sale on none other than the Keurig coffee machine. Not just any coffee machine - but their premiere "Platinum Brewer". Oh, those people are good. In less than 5 minutes I wanted one. I waved the white flag of defeat. Forget that they come with coffee flavors I will never drink. Forget that they are the size of a small microwave. Forget their impracticable price. In less than 10 minutes I NEEDED one. My husband just sat there with a smirk on his face, waiting to make sure I really really wanted one. After all, he had told me just a few days before that it was the coffee machine I wanted and I had fanatically declined. But now, I wanted, no needed, no MUST HAVE one (did I mention that those QVC people are good at what they do?). He waited - I sent the kid for the credit card - he waited - I conceded to the world that he was RIGHT - he waited - and that I was WRONG. Viola - early Christmas gift that makes delicious coffees, teas and hot cocos at the push of a button. Just to get him back for making me plea for it - I was tempted to wrap the box when it came in (did I mention how he does not like to wait to open gifts) - but alas I caved and now our kitchen has a little extra bling and I am enjoying single cup servings of java.

and what good is a cup of coffee/tea/coco without a little treat, so I made some chocolate oatmeal muffins (recommended by Celine over at 2Peas)


  1. Looks like quite a machine! Your muffins look yummy, too.
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog about the Christmas dance pictures. As for where these girls find their modest dresses, there are a few stores around here that sell them, (kind of a far drive for you to Utah, right? :) ) But here's a website you might want to check out. They have all kinds of modest dresses for women and girls, brides:

  2. Ok, if it does a single serving of cocoa I'd be all for it (that's my big vice). Those muffins really look good. Nicki, I really like your new header--very winter-y. The texture is perfect!

  3. I've often thought about a Keurig though I don't drink coffee. My dad does and I drink tea. Hmm...

    Yummy muffins!