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Saturday, December 5, 2009

New(er) Christmas Traditions . . .

My husband and I started a new tradition of getting a holiday ornament from the hotel where we stay each visit to Disney. These, along with all the other miscellaneous Disney character ornaments we've amassed, could easily decorate their own little tree.

Another tradition in our house is a cat under the tree. Putting up a tree is like having a cat magnet. Admittedly, I rather Ike sleep under the tree than climb up or shake the tree.


  1. Awesome shots! We collect ornaments, too, and our cats like to bat the ornaments off the tree.

  2. Love the cat under the tree shot... I totally agree that's a better place. I remember the year our cat climbed our 15' tree and toppled it, ornaments and all. Not a pretty sight. We no longer have cats.

  3. Very cool photo's (and I love the Boardwalk!). The kitty under the tree is my fave!

  4. Both these shots are so beautiful! Doug and I are going to be staying at Saratoga Springs in January. . . I'll have to see if they have any ornaments from there. I didn't know each hotel had their own ornaments! And you are a wise woman on cutting back on the baking. . . I'm hoping that when my kids come home, they'll be like their usual "locust" self; if not, I'm in big trouble!

  5. That is a great idea! I put up some ornaments last night from cruises we have taken and it brought back some happy memories.