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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What the Elf ! . .

Some of you may have seen various posts about whimsical elfs - elfs named Bob, Tipsy, and Tink. Let me add another to the list, Bobby John (from the country - 2 names).
At any rate, BJ has been around for years (he's gotta be in his 40s if a day) and for the most part is reliable for doing his job (checking lists and such).

In all these years, I've never really paid attention to how much he gets around.

We're keeping a closer eye on you BJ - that last group looked a little suspect!


  1. He sure does get around doesn't he? Soo cute!

  2. Hilarious... Fun pics and journaling..

  3. Adorable series! BJ does look dated. And what's with that looped arm thing? ;)

  4. How perfect is that last shot!!! Too cute!!