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Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter wonderland . . .

SNOW! In a word you can bring smiles, frowns, expletives.
SNOW! The anticipation of school cancellations.
SNOW! The dread of impassable highways.
SNOW! sledding with friends followed by hot chocolate.
SNOW! The fear of not having enough supplies if stranded.
SNOW! CraZy panicked shoppers.

SNOW! Nature's catch 22. You love it. You hate it. Either way, you have no control over it. Accepting it for me means taking pictures. This morning when I mentioned to my husband that I was going to go out today and try to photograph my header location with snow, he rolled his eyes and remarked - "yea, that's what I would do!" Snow to him means staying inside with adequate diet cokes, snacks, and football.

SNOW! Embrace it!


  1. What a beautiful photo! It makes me feel chilled to the bone:)

  2. Beautiful! That is when I don't mind the snow!

  3. Normally, I love the look and adventure of snow, but not when it might interfere with my son's travel home tomorrow:(
    Beautiful shot of the snow, however!

  4. I agree about the excitement that bad weather brings. I'm in Iowa for Christmas, and we are expecting freezing rain tonight. All I can think of is not iced roads and horrendous driving conditions, but icicles and everything covered with a layer of crystal and wonderful photo ops. Follow the ice storm with another massive dump starting tomorrow through Friday or Saturday, and it's going to be wintery and wonderful. (Can you tell I don't need to go anywhere? :-) Of course, my family is convinced that I have completely and totally lost it!) Merry Christmas, Nicki!