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Sunday, January 31, 2010

frosty morning . . .

very frosty!!
I got up rather early this morning, but seem to be stuck in slow-mo.
As a result, the glorious sunrise through the frosted branches came and went
and I didn't make it out until later in the morning.
They were still very lovely.


  1. More snow? It sure does make for a pretty picture..

  2. At least you got out there! We had a pretty snowfall yesterday and I didn't take one single snap. I love the last shot.

  3. Oh Nicki! Hoarfrost!! You lucky lucky lady!!!! Love these shots--I'm turning bright green with envy--especially as I look out at rain, and our extended forecast of 2 more weeks of the same. Ahhh, good old NW weather in the winter.

  4. That first and last shots are amazing!! Wow!

  5. Absolutely beautiful captures, Nicki!

  6. Those are beautiful shots! When we lived on the East coast, I always wanted to get some pictures like that, but never did.

  7. Oh wow these look so gorgeous Nicki! I can really feel the frost just from the pictures.

  8. Awesome! We had frost like that a couple weeks ago and it was SO pretty! Beautiful shots, Nicki.