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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

sign of the times . . .

seems all we've been getting lately is snow!

When my son was in grade school he got the snowman sign for me from the Santa's Workshop sale. To be completely honest, I kinda hinted to one of the other volunteers to corral him in that direction rather than a ceramic frog or floral tape measure or something that would just go in a drawer and later be discarded. I volunteered for this school event and it was so darling to watch the kids shop with the intensity of buying a diamond ring. I have loved each item dearly - regardless of the fact that I could have gotten it cheaper at the dollar store. Awe, memories.

Picture taken at the crazy slow shutter speed of 1/5;
[f/5.6; 70 mm focal distance and 1600 ISO].


  1. Aww, that's so sweet :) Our local pharmacy used to have a kids shopping day and my son (who is now all grown up) used to love getting us gifts. I still have a bracelet he bought me all these years later....

  2. I love the snowman sign! I would have persuaded him to make one as well! It's darling!

  3. I remember when my kids used to go to Secret Santa and buy gifts and was always amazed at how much thought they put into them. In fact we started a Christmas eve tradition of letting them open those gifts then instead of those little thoughtful gifts getting lost on Christmas morning amid all the bigger gifts. Love the sign! And the composition of the picture.