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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a little of this, a little of that . . .

Pioneer Woman is holding a photo assignment: green!
With all the rain we have gotten lately, the grass is knee high. Perhaps I should have photographed that before I mowed last weekend.
Oddly enough, I actually do enjoy mowing. Well, I do somewhat, some of the time.
But being the generous person I am, I'm going to share the job this summer.
Can't you just picture the big smiles on the kids' faces!

But back to green: Mary Jo and her green-eyed wonderment.

and something growing in one of the flower pots.

and while out hunting for green
just thought I would point out that
Spring has finally made an appearance.


  1. Your kitty has gorgeous eyes!! And I love your daffodils.

  2. Nice detail in the 2nd green. . . what is it?

  3. Great captures! Good for you sharing the mowing lol! Your cat has some pretty eyes!

  4. I enjoy mowing the lawn too, I find it relaxing. I love the white daffodil!

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  6. I like to mow too, but lost the job a couple of years ago when my son's legs were finally long enough to reach the mower pedals on the tractor! Anyway, love your greens...beautiful!