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Friday, March 12, 2010

simple pleasures . . .

I am so excited to be able to again upload pictures to
our MAC as well as post them - and while there are still
no photo programs beyond iPhoto, it makes me happy
to capture some dew droplets and be able to share...

life's little pleasures eventually add up to HAPPY!
(oh, and its Friday and the sun is out = good stuff!)


  1. Being connected is light-years beyond a simple pleasure!! Really like this shot, but then you know how partial I am to rain drops.... ;-) Glad you're back.

  2. Great capture of the rain drops. So pretty.

  3. Great shot and so glad you are up and running again :)

  4. Sorry your computer crashed! Hope everything is okay! Love your shot. Those drops are awesome!

  5. Beautiful, love the detail. Sorry to hear about your Mac!

  6. Pretty drops and droplets! Hang in there with the computer issues. . . and sadly, MACs do crash. . . although my kids tend to have more power issues with their MACs than actual crashes, my daughter's hard drive totally failed. We were happy to have both given her an EHD for it. . . before the crash. . . . and to have paid for the Apple Care plan. Aren't you happy that technology has made your life easier? *sigh* But it's probably like childbirth; once you get a little distance from this, the pain of it all will probably become a little fuzzy around the edges.

  7. Love all your good stuff! We've had dew and fog for the last few days as spring approaches and I'm loving it!

  8. I like your drops of water. Very peaceful feel to it. Thanks for the comment. And about the spinach...Believe it or not, you can't taste it. I don't like spinach salads or cooked spinach, but I can do it in my smoothies!