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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Inpartial . . .

I wouldn't want to show preferential treatment between trees - so here are a few from my beloved dogwood tree.

remember this?

now it has this:

The dogwood has had a rough go this year. For the first time in ever, the Christmas lights didn't come down until almost Spring. Those poor branches. Add to that the constant flip-flop of weather...Winter/Summer/Winter/Spring/Winter!!!! All the mixed messages of seasons is what I am attributing fewer buds to this year. I refuse to admit that it has anything to do with the age of the tree. (those of us past our prime need to stick together).


  1. That photo with the texture is absolutely gorgeous! I gasped when I saw it! Your poor tree has had a rough year but it's so gorgeous now!!

  2. beautiful and I love the added texture in the second :) It is a lovely dogwood tree even covered in snow. You wouldn't happen to have a shot of the whole tree in bloom...I would really love to see, pretty please :)

  3. For me, dogwood trees simply define spring. I love them, and you have a beautiful one! That second shot with the texture is fantastic!