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Sunday, April 11, 2010

POTD themes . . .

I've not been very good about sticking to this year's weekly photo themes. Actually, I've felt so yucky for the past month - I've barely picked up my camera at all. At any rate - last week's theme was shoes.

you probably remember this pair:

but probably not these.

all new, waiting for that special CHUCK occasion.

The girl knows what she likes!


  1. What a cool collection of Converse!!

  2. We're chucks fans here too, love her collection! I really need to get them together and take pictures of them so I can remember. :)

  3. Wow, she has quite a selection to choose from! I can see that she is a real Chuck fan.

  4. All the Chucks make my heart smile! I love the colors and all of those white toes lined up. Chuck Tayors...a good thing! :)

  5. So cool! I love the panda ones so much--I might have to go find a pair of those for myself!

  6. LOL how cute!! I love the look of chucks but man those things are NOT comfortable!! LOL!!