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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gambier, Ohio . . .

One of the stops on the ole college search tour.

Kenyon College
- in the middle of nowhere, up the hill lies a college with beautiful buildings, wonderful details, and a strong sense of community -

we had a very nice Junior Day visit to the campus,
albeit strong winds and sporadic rain.

and while the view to and from the campus largely consists of corn fields,
the quaintness of the campus makes the trip worthwhile.


  1. Great pictures. I love that building.

  2. My son goes to NIU and there's nothing but corn fields outside the campus. That's all you see on the drive to the school. Miles and miles of corn. Just corn. Nothing but corn. Good! No distractions! Good luck with your college search!

  3. Old college buildings have great character. Great photo's!

  4. Love those old buildings!!

  5. Ok, any college that has an Alice in Wonderland window can't be too staid--there must be some sense of whimsy there. Besides, as a previous poster said, not much distraction round about. Beautiful building!!