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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some parting shots . . .

from Kenyon that is.

These caught my eye right off the bat. The fact that they were located immediately outside the building where the main presentation was held had nothing to do with it. Okay, maybe a little. Generally speaking - close proximity was the key element as to what got photographed and what got left out. To be fair, the campus is littered with statues, monuments, and "sculptures" so there are many photographic opportunities; the weather was the ultimate determining factor.

My daughter had forewarned me about the realistic looking stone crows. Sounds like a rock band doesn't it! As it turns out, there were some live crows hanging with the statues which could be either a blessing (no back talk) or an act of futility (no back talk).

and don't get me started on how badly I wanted to take pictures of the adorable young Amish boys walking around the market area, and eventually curling up in their carriage for warmth. I did take a couple from afar and promptly put away my camera as we shopped their wares. I wasn't completely sure of what the protocol is, but figured, if it were my boys, I wouldn't necessarily want a complete stranger randomly taking their pictures. I figured a shot taken at a distance that showed no details would be acceptable.


  1. Love the statue shot and the Amish family one too!

  2. Oh, how I wish you could've gotten a shot of some real crows mixed in with the statues!! I like this campus just for the whimsy it shows. I think I would've scooped up one of those birdhouses in a jiff--my eye was drawn to them right off the bat. It is such a temptation to photograph the Amish, isn't it? I think you did well, trying to preserve their desire not to be photographed and maintain their privacy by not showing their faces, but yet show them.

  3. Such interesting statues. Love the shot of the Amish people, also.

  4. Crow statues! Well, I guess I'd rather the Grackles in my yard were stone rather than real! I know what you mean about photos of the Amish. . . I did take one with my 70-300 lens a month or so ago, and am hoping that from that distance, the guy couldn't quite see me. Some people I'd feel comfortable approaching and asking, but I've not felt that this would be a welcomed request.