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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still here! . . .

I think everything finally caught up with me this week and my body said 'STOP!' I had no appreciation of all the going going going I've done lately, so it is slow down - or else time for me.

Sadly, May is not the month for slowing down, but fortunately this week is Westest for the kids, so there are no extra school activities. It has been interesting to hear the kids describe each day's test. Today the subject was history and I must say, it got the most animated response. According to my daughter, the 11th grade test was so slanted and very political it was almost humorous. It largely covered liberal issues such as global warming, the new deal, the progressive movement, Marxism. The closest it came to anything conservative or discussion of any republican president was its' illustration of the irresponsibility of young teenagers for not voting and consequently contributing to why President Bush won his last election. Fortunately she is well versed on these subjects by watching the news.

According to my son: "it was just on history stuff, and only about 2 questions had anything to do with what we've studied this year. (WV history) No biggie!"

Two kids raised under the same roof, and yet such very different perspectives.

As for the daisies - I was playing around recently with different perspectives (front versus back) and using colored paper as backgrounds.


  1. That's interesting hearing the kids view of the tests. I look forward to those conversations some day! Love the daisy photos!

  2. I love your daisy photos and the different perspectives you used. Great job! And your kids' takes on the tests was interesting. Erin just finished her STAR testing a few weeks ago. Those weeks can be really grueling for the kids!

  3. Gorgeous photo's. The only thing my son has said this week about the westest is that it has been easy and he's glad he doesn't have homework ;)

  4. Wonderful perspectives on the flowers - love the first one especially!

  5. I'm always amazed at how different my two boys are . . . same parents, same upbringing, but sooooo different!

    I like how you paired the daisy with the orange background. It's beautiful!