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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

B is for . . .

back lighting - photographing your subject so the light source comes from behind them (so profound, I know!). This is almost side lighting because my subject does what my subject wants and she wanted to turn just before I took the shot.
B is also for BRAT!

In photography, B is also for bohek - when the background is out of focus and makes a lovely diffused pattern. This is achieved by placing some distance between your subject and the background. It is also obtained by turning your f/stop (aperture) on a lower number like f/2.8, which oddly enough is referred to as wide open. This actually makes sense when you consider it is referring to how open the lens is... but we are starting to venture into numbers and B is a happy place (think butterflies, babies, ...)- and numbers are not in my happy place. So, ...


  1. Love the "B" post...are you planning to do the entire alphabet? Hope so! Anyway, excellent shots as usual! :)

  2. Love the alphabet idea! Very clever! Great subjects for B!