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Thursday, June 3, 2010

hazy crazy . . .

I kind of like the hazy / ethereal effect of this shot
- so very summer morning-ish.
Speaking of Summer, 3 days and counting. I can not believe how fast this school year went and how the reality of having a Senior and a Freshman is bearing down on us. There is no 'break' in Summer Break for a Senior, and even though we kept reminding ourselves that would be the case, it doesn't make it any more appealing now that it is here. As for our budding Freshman, if the mumble-jumble orientation to high school earlier in the week wasn't enough to make his head spin, getting his reading assignments today will. Summer break is about to take on a whole new meaning for him as well. On the up side, they won't have to catch the bus before 7 am each day...oh, wait, actually Ms. Senior will have to hoof it to Charleston bright and early each day to complete her Mentoring assignment.

3 days and counting.....

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