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Monday, June 28, 2010

Traveling . . .

One of the perks of traveling around to different colleges with our daughter is being able to visit historical sites. My mother had a Masters + in English and in History, and her passion was Civil War History. As a result, 1) we had to use proper grammar; and 2) every Summer trip included an excursion to some historical site.

Antietam National Battlefield

Sunken Lane (Bloody Lane)

Lower Bridge (Burnside Bridge)


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Especially love the composition of the first shot!

  2. Very cool, I love the bridge shot!!

  3. Wow! These photos gave me goosebumps! What an interesting place! I'm reading "My Name is Mary Sutter," an historical novel about a woman who wanted to be a surgeon, during the Civil War, and what medical care was like at that point. Your mom would most likely like this book.