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Friday, July 16, 2010

Boston . . .

When it comes to exploring Boston, there are many tour options.

We opted for the Boston Ducktour. In theory, this route of sight-seeing would let us view locations on land as well as water since the Duck is amphibious. In reality, our guide cracked jokes the majority of the time and wasn't always considerate about pointing out historical buildings. While he did occasionally share some history, we wanted more.

Fortunately my husband's Aunt used to live in Boston and she can give a tour like no other - without having to 'quack' or the funny costume.

We got to 'feel' Boston - both its historical ambiance as well as its high level of energy.

and lets face it, on what other tour are you going to get to taste some incredible aged cheese and home-made tomato paste from Italy than on a family lead tour.

Yummmmm - Honestly - that cheese was to die for.


  1. Boston, my favorite city! Maybe because it was the first place I lived that I remember and most of my extended family live there.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are wonderful

  2. Well, I hate it when the tour guides try to be too funny and just end up being corny and annoying. BUT, you did get some amazing shots. I really like the perspective in the mirror shot. And that cheese!!!! YUMMY! That is my weak spot. Cheese and bread! TFS.

  3. I was in Boston a few years ago and I loved it, even without the cheese tour! We did take the Duck Tour, and we visited Trinity Church. I could see myself living in Boston, I love that city!

  4. I love Boston! Coming from the West Coast, we just don't have the cool history and buildings they have in Boston! Your photos make me wanna go back.

  5. A crummy tour guide is really a distraction. Glad you were able to salvage the day! I really like the reflection in the big buildings.