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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

some final takes . . .

on the World Wide Photo Walk . . .

just two of the photographers that went to whatever lengths it took to get 'THE' shot. Doesn't it make you wonder what they captured - did it turn out, was it worth laying flat in the road?

and the signs...

nothing in life is "free" - one smell and you're taking home the "Gargantua"[sub]

I first read this as "Larry and his flash" and wondered if Larry might be the photographer. Needless to say, this one went right over my head. It is "Larry and His Flask" - a country/punk rock mix. I was concerned it might have some undertone meaning and sheepishly asked my daughter if there was a secret meaning (Gay Pride or lack there of or something) and she was the one who enlightened me to the group. Personally not crazy for their music and completely don't get the Frankenstein and Count Dracula reference ???

and if that wasn't confusing enough - try to get the message from this mess. Why do they overload the senses with so many poster signs. For the love of Pete, spread them out!


  1. What a great mixture of sights and colors. Love the shots of the photographers. Whatever it takes to get the perfect photo, right? Loved the Larry and the Flash/Flask, too. :)

  2. Wonderful series! I want to know what the lying-on-the-ground photographer saw too! And I also thought it was "Larry and his Flash"!

    Nicki, thank you so much for writing on my blog about Bonnie. It just means a lot to me to know that Bonnie mattered to other people as well and that her life touched others, too. We're so missing her today!

  3. I love that you captured other photographers doing their "thing!" LOL, sadly enough, that would probably be me lying on the ground. I love all the color you captured, especially in that last shot.

  4. Loved the free smells one! What were those photogs trying to get pix of I wonder? Loved this series of shots!

  5. Would also love to see the shot the photographer got lying on the ground!! LOL - Cool shots!

  6. Ok, I am so with the puddle lady! I'd try a shot on the ground, but who knows if I could get back up again? Love the free smells sign--that just tickles my funny bone. I also thought it was FLASH--too many photogs around here!

  7. Another one who thought Flash LOL. I hope thier shots came out for them.