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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

speaking of art . . .

My husband's aunt is an artist. A real, live, brush and canvas wielding artist. She has an eye for artistic detail in the ordinary. Her use of a camera is to capture these details and turn them into the extraordinary. Spending time with her while in New England did not teach me how to paint - but reminded me that photography is an individual thing. The camera is more of a utensil to her, something to carve out the detail and maintain it for later use as inspiration for her design. For me, the camera is my paintbrush and canvas.

I am inspired to take a day and focus on details. This requires getting down, getting close, getting personal. This requires not having teens around to voice their fear of embarrassment when I struggle to get back up.


  1. I love the details too! That brush shot simply rocks. I love how you used DOF to make it interesting. And the second shot is amazing. Loving the color and textures.

  2. I think of your photographs as true art! You always introduce a new view and perspective in your shots, and I always feel both this little jolt of surprise and pleasure when I see your posts--(like in the brushes in the first shot). To me, those are some essential "art" ingredients!

  3. You wield your brush beautifully!

  4. Love these detailed shots!! You inspire me to do the same!! :)