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Monday, August 9, 2010

Morning greetings . . .

each morning at the beach I woke with the sunrise because of the half-moon window in our bedroom. Ugh! Most of the time I would roll over and nod off for a bit longer. One morning I finally bit the bullet and got up and made my way to the beach. Once there, I remembered how appealing early mornings can be.

This morning I got up almost as early, but there was no surf, no sand, no beach pier. There was instead a furry paw and persistent kitty who had no problem squirreling under the blanket to find my face as I attempted to thwart his wake-up call/licks.


  1. These beautiful sunrise shots are breathtaking. So peaceful! Just love em!

  2. Love getting up early and walking on the beach in vacation! Nothing better!