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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whistle that tune . . .

If you grew up during a certain time period (60s, gasp!), or have owned a TV in the last 40 years and watched syndicated shows, then you are familiar with The Andy Griffith Show. Just as I started to nod off on our trip home, I heard "I'm shocked mom isn't taking pictures of that!" and "if she were awake she'd be snapping away." So I peeked open my eyes slightly and saw this:

and as luck would have it, the camera was right by my feet, so I quickly pulled it out and took a few of these:

We took a different route home from the beach and actually approached the famous Pilot Mountain, NC from a different angle. You remember Mount Pilot, the neighboring town to Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show - well, this is what it was in tribute to. Mayberry was based on Andy Griffith's home town of Mt. Airy, NC which is at the base of this oddly shaped mountain.

What I am accustomed to seeing on our way home from NC is this view from the neighboring mountain that gives a gorgeous panoramic overview of Mr. Giffith's pride and joy. I've always wanted to have my camera out when going through this portion of the trip - and this time I did, but quickly realized that you have to be quick and there is no time for the camera to 'auto focus hunt' or you get great shots of the road side shrubs. I'll spare you from looking at those!


  1. I do remember Andy Griffith! These shots are beautiful! So glad you had your camera ready so you could share these!

  2. You did great with out-of-the-car-window shots! Nice to have little helpers in the car who have their eyes open for shots for you! And I also pleasantly remember Andy of Maybery!