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Saturday, September 18, 2010

charmed I'm sure . . .

When my sister was in, she brought me some very charming CHARMS for my bracelet. I'm especially fond of the camera with attached heart (cheese). I have come to the realization that I like my charm bracelet more now that it has dangling charms, charms that make a bit of musical clang when worn. Now I must find more. Thanks Kim!

On a side note - I am test driving a different design for my blog. It can be checked out if you click on "View My Complete Profile" under ABOUT ME on the side bar, titled 'nlb testing'. Tell me what you think. I'm on the rail about abandoning my old/original format, with its limited capacity for larger pictures, but clean distinct columns.

[UPDATE - I've deleted the "test" blog and applied the new format...feel free to let me know what you think.]


  1. Is this a Pandora bracelet????!!!! I am so jealous! I am seriously in love with them, but dread the thought of even starting one.

    Yours is absolutely gorgeous! Of course you have a camera charm! Duh! I love the pop of red and the intricate metals, the spacers, the charms . . . Have I mentioned that I really, really want one . . . ?

  2. I had no idea that charm bracelets were in this style now! How fun, the way it looks like little rings on a bracelet, and of course, I absolutely love the camera charm! I'm really like the size of the photos on your new blog layout. It looks like you lose the option of the sidebars, but I'm betting you don't have to individually resize each photo either, right?

    Nicki, you crack me up with your comments on my blog, and I really look forward to the. . . ummmm. . . . "looseness" of your mind in your comments. (That's meant as a compliment, as weird as it sounds!)

  3. Love it!! I want to start one!