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Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving back . . .

This past weekend both of my children volunteered at the annual school carnival held at their elementary alma mater. My daughter looks forward to it each year, unfortunately we can never find our sunscreen ahead of time and she gets toasty. But she enjoys herself.

My son - err, not as much. Too much time was spent on trying to find where he could lend his help. Obviously most of these people do not have teenage children and can not full appreciate that if you don't timely take them up on their willingness to help, you've lost their attention and they've moved on to a better offer. He finally got to help with the haunted house (which.was.AWESOME!) and loved every minute of that.

and speaking of giving back - they switched out goldfish to rabbits as take-home prizes. I am so glad my kids were not elementary school age. Had they come to me with a rabbit in a box I would have to respectfully 'give it back'; lest make our kitties very happy (poor bunny). This one was doing everything in its power to figure a way out of the box and on to freedom.


  1. The rabbit is so cute, but what a risky "take-home!" You're so right about teens volunteering; my daughter used to tell me that it was easy to get them to volunteer, but you had to be very organized in telling them what to do because no one wanted to think. (Probably because they have many, many other things on their minds, most of which I don't really want to know!) But good for your kids for stepping up!

  2. The colors of the pumpkins are just yummy! I love your compostion of the bunny and I would have to so no to the bunny also. Not too much thought went into that give-a-way I'm afraid.

  3. I would have taken that bunny back home - not sure my kitty would have appreciated that though! ; Love your pumpkin shot!